If you're planning any type of bulkhead construction, CPD (Chesapeake Pile Driving) is here for you. CPD understand the precise nature of seawall construction and its potential impact on surrounding property and will give your project the deliberate consideration it deserves. Our seawall repair and construction capabilities are unmatched. CPD are equally CPDll versed in building residential bulk-heading and steel sheet pile with concrete caps used in the most demanding commercial applications, such as ship dockage, marinas, etc. CPD install steel sheets to be used in commercial applications, such as marinas or commercial dockage.

Boat Lifts
CPD can install all types of marine lifts, from the small to large. Additionally CPD can custom design lifts for a variety of applications, such as boathouses, commercial spill response boats or other specialized situations.

Our pier construction division can work with anything from the smallest residential boat dock construction to community piers, marinas and large commercial developments, such as ship loading and unloading facilities. CPD also offers pier repair to revitalize damaged or newly acquired structures.

Pile Driving
As both a commercial and residential piling contractor, our marine pile driving operations are set up to drive pilings related to all types of waterfront construction. All of our equipment is barge mounted and can accommodate wooden piles, pipe/steel piles and steel sheeting from small to large. CPD has the capabilities to handle land based pile driving for small commercial projects such as dock piling or large residential applications such as foundation piles.

CPD can manage any kind of shore erosion control project. Our riprap is divided into granite, stone or concrete rubble and is used for everything from small residential properties to marina projects and commercial applications. CPD has the capabilities to place any size stone. We can also place stone for offshore applications, soil stabilization and protection of wetlands and shore side structures.

Bulkhead Repair
Bulkhead Repair to waterfront properties, marinas and commercial structures. CPD operates a variety of floating equipment including cranes, barges, dump scows and tugboats. CPD can assist land-based companies with the resources to complete work that is accessible by water only.

Floating Docks
A variety of options are available regarding floating dock construction. CPD can design and build our own floating dock systems or purchase and install any name brand docks for residential projects, marina applications or commercial use.

Marina Construction
CPD can construct any size marina development. These projects can be open pile construction, floating dock systems or a combination of both. CPD has the experience with all types of marina construction to assure you that nothing you propose is too much of a challenge.

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